Matlab Scripts


In several of my research projects, I use Matlab for signal processing and data analysis. You are welcome to use any of the Matlab scripts on this page. Given that many of my scripts are used in service of auditory stimulus creation, I have provided some auditory examples of what the scripts produce, in addition to the code.


Tone Clouds

This script generates tone clouds, which are used in research to probe auditory perception and attention. The tone clouds produced by this script are based on those described by Ding et al. (2018) J. Neurosci. The tone clouds consist of a standard, regularly repeating tone. Given the current configuration, this tone plays at a 3 Hz rate. This standard tone is flanked by dense "clouds" of tone scrambles (0.5 to 2.5 octaves above and below the standard tone), which makes attending to the standard tone quite demanding. The standard tone occasionally deviates (shifts) in pitch. Participants must report how many times the standard pitch deviates. The provided example is a 32-second stimulus, in which the standard tone deviates three times.


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